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"Cricket Formations" - (1969)
Chris is an accomplished haiku poet - this was his first published collection - i remember him giving me a copy over 30 years ago - so it's a pleasure to be able to republish it here

"Eel Pie Dharma - a memoir / haibun" - (1990)
'...The sex and excitement of youthful experimentation. There is nostalgia for what might have been, and sense of joy in what had been tried and proven. It is a sweeping presentation of a unique time in a still remembered era. It has shocks and sympathy, humour and pathos, and above all, the human touch...'
- Herb Barrett (Editor, Tidepool Annual)

"Five Minutes Ago They Dropped The Bomb" - (1984)
"The fire has come down from the mountain" - (2001)
"In Memory of Jon Penner" - (2006)
"Picnic With Al" - (2007)
"Reflections on The Good People of Tarnished - (2008)
continuing the tradition of contemporary writing for which Chris won the 1987 Milton Acorn Memorial  People's Poetry Award

"Hangin' with Bubo (virginiansis)" - (2004)
"Fireflies below Goat Hill" - (2005)
"Winter Solstice Smudging 2005" - (2005)
"Crow visits Wolf" - (2006)
"Fishing with Big Blue" - (2006)
"Haunted Pumpkin Walk" - (2007)
"Snow Melt Meditation" - (2008)
haibun and haiku from Marmora, Ontario - wilderness trails and shamanism


"Among Other Things"
"Attached is one of my poems" - from Dorothea's World


"Remnants" - (1963-1993)
"...scraps of verse... out of the rag-bag... they are scarcely important, are they?"
- 6 short poems, from the warmth of love to "the wonder of the strange"

"sad saturday in manuel's cafe" - (July 1976)
lines for friends who have moved...

"ça va sans dire" - (1977-1997)
`"the best songs have no words" - some whispers from the silence


"SQUAT" - (August 1976)
a powerful documentary/play about Grosvenor Road, Twickenham by one of the UK's most important twentieth century playwrights whose plays span a period of five decades - first performed by the Richmond Fringe at the Orange Tree Theatre in August 1976


"Did I Ever Tell You About St Bertram?" - (April 1994)
the secret of Gawain and The Greene Knight

"Raimon Lull, the Early Years" - (July 1994)
a tongue-in-cheek investigation into the formative influences (including a blow by blow account of his interview with God) on the writer of the Ars Magna, upon which JC elsewhere comments: "As a work of literary invention it achieves a piece of magic realism that.... Oh shit! What's the word that topological mathematicians use to describe the process of inverting a sphere? It's a feat equivalent to that."

"The Quotes of Jamie Chadwick"
"On your travels, if you meet anyone who would accept my love, telegraphic and chaste as it must necessarily be, you have my proxy and power of attorney - distribute lavishly."


short story: "Changes is kind of weird (I know, I know...) but it's weird even for me"

"Making Our Own Way: Rural West Virginia Women Artists"  (extract)  (ed Harriet Emerson, 1990)
"The best part is feeling like god, knowing that you can take the raw material of people, events, imagination, extrapolation, and remold them all in your own image, make it like it should have been with the power of the Word."

"The story of Peter Coppintale"
a New Age fable for those with pure hearts but sensitive bodies

"vers libre"
thirty crazy beautiful poems from love in ascii


"4 Poems" - (March 1997)
"A selection of poems written over the last 10 years or so and rescued from a discontinued file without their originally attached dates. Edited somewhat 17/3/97"

"The Walker's Story" - (September 1993)
more on the wandering tribes first introduced by Noa in her SF play After That

"Those Other Hills" - (July 1996)
an introduction to the pickers, who also survive


"Pale as the Powder" - (January 1977)
"This was a song, performed in public once by me (12-string guitar and scared stiff) and Jack Neate (baritone sax and greatly supportive). We were supporting (?!) Burning Sensation, who later became Here and Now. The gig was somewhere in Cambridgeshire. We stayed at someone's house and the following morning I recall a memorable jam with Little Brother playing a tin whistle."

WEED  -  Drug War Chronicles   -  for Mary, and for many others

" an' for every hung up person in the whole wide universe
i thought i heard the chimes of freedom flashin' "

- Bob Dylan ("Chimes of Freedom")

"A Joint For OJ..." - (November 1993)
in memory of Keith Cowan

"Bong & Chillum" - (September 1996)
and then there was one, but which one?

"But Drugs Are Drugs..." - (December 1997)
it's all a matter of priorities...

"Essex Manna" - (November 1991)
for Essex man...

"Memories of Death and Craziness" - (February 1994)
broken hearts and broken minds - though just occasionally the drugs do work, if they're the right ones, or even if they're the wrong ones

"Met OJ on Eel Pie '69" - (June 1996)
a rambling and benign introduction to the final chapter in the colourful history of the notorious Eel Pie Island Hotel. We all had our own stories of how we got there...

"Telling the Truth" - (June 1996)
an unforseen implication of naive honesty

"The Capturing of Hilton" - (July 1996)
"...The police are not stupid. But neither was Hilton, well not completely..."

"The Fountain" - (July 1996)
sometimes the memories come rushing back, bursting forth like water gushing from a broken mains... how a listless day in Grosvenor Road was innocently rejuvenated

"The Pupa" - (March 1997)
it's not just people that are attracted to homegrown...

"Westcroft Square, Mr Jones!" - (June 1996)
unexpected absurdities in the midnight hour

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