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Among other things

They were full of it, the blokes
Psychedelic chat, sorting the universe, condemning the girls...
Not everyone of course
Some were quite forgiving of the female
And were not convinced that everyone was part of
A conspiracy to demoralise and castrate
But, Gordon Bennet
On reflection the girls got a bad press

Rich ones did better
If their parents resided in a Victorian pile
There was every chance that protection
And affection was offered
Blokes eagerly competing and smiling talk friendly
About them
God help the poor ones though
They were called Fuck Bucket

Some blokes were musical
Some blokes drew
And some became boygirls
I quite liked them
We talked frocks

And of the girls, the women?
I know that some are very strong
And got a lot done
One was murdered
But most survived
I saw one going off in a police van in Amsterdam
You couldn't make it up

The blokes always said such a lot
The girls say more now
But always did things

I remember the girls without family
Their barbiturate addictions and strange behaviour
I remember the poor boys
Who were not bailed out by the parents
Who'd abused them
The ones outside of rehab and inheritance
Who are dead now or raving bonkers
They too were pale and stick-thin white

On the whole though, we had a laugh
I certainly did a lot of dressing up
Among other things

- Dorothea

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