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Pale as the Powder

Pale as the powder
Thin as a promise
And ready to chop
You hang like a picture
With your white poppies
And your always talking shop
Glacier eyes
The dye's running out of your freckles you know
Thin bone china
If I say we're a sign of the times
We'll only vomit, let's go
Come, show me round
This city surrounds us
And bright lights or no lights
There's no damn pary
And I've had enough
Of that love you stuff anyway

A tearless weep in a sleepless dream
All hopes lost in one silent scream
Yes I've enjoyed this month of Sundays
Oh where have we been
Walked in here with clay grey faces
If we parade our saving graces
Someone's going to love us you know

Harlequin dances a dance of decay
From table to table every Friday
He's lyric and mime
A friend of mine
He led me to here from a place in childhood

I'm in his kaleidoscope
Assure me that it does me good and I'll believe.

- Steve Bird  [Jan 1977]

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