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take drugs?
then use your head - don't screw yourself up
support democracy
vote for the party which will jail you for the shortest time



11111010000 AD - a unique event!

the new year the whole world celebrated

6236 (Egyptian)
5760 (Jewish)
5372 (Mayan)
2000 (Christian)

collect the commemorative sets of stamps issued
featuring famous Roman mathematicians,
celebrating their legacy of decimalistic imperialism


this site is off-limits to all members of the FFFFF

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are you interested in ecology?
do you worry about the effects of modern society on the environment?
do you want to help prevent species being deliberately exterminated?
now is your chance to play an active part in our project
volunteers are urgently needed
don't delay - join THUTAPS today

The Human Tapeworm Preservation Society is affiliated to the Association for the Veneration of the Virus


Movement for a Democratic Monarchy and Aristocracy

head of state to be elected by Royal Lottery
winner is to take on the role of Regent
new lottery when funds run out
huge tax savings expected


View With Confidence

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and don't forget

they've got the guns but we've got the graffiti


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