VWC  -  View With Confidence

This site subscribes to the Controlled Rating A-Z Extended Definitions, one of the strictest guides on the net. It is enforced by means of visiting robots and should any page be found to have content inconsistent with the declared rating, it is automatically removed from the server's public access directory.

A unique feature of the CRAZED system is that not only is it activated on encountering prohibited content, but it also springs into action whenever words images or sounds indicated as being present by the assigned grade can not be found. Additionally, the latest software release also determines that all links from the site must also fall into the advertised rating category.

The CRAZED specification, which has been endorsed by the Committee for Rating Advisory Procedures, is now available together with a list of the 3,274 common English words and phrases that are unacceptable on a general viewing site because they are considered obscene in one or more of the world's 217 major languages. The full spec itself is rated XXX and therefore can not be published on or linked to from this site, but some examples of approved categories follow -

INA   images of naked animals present
MBC   monitored by the CIA
SAM   contains sounds of the sexual activities of molluscs
SGP   sponsors of the Grand Prix
THC   tendency to harm & corrupt
U10   unsuitable for parents of young children
UFA   unsuitable for anyone
UFO   controlled by aliens

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