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November 2015

The Paris atrocity, and after - Paul Rogers  [Western Middle East policy]

December 2008

The Dark Heart Of The Eco-Terrorist Peril - George Monbiot  [civil liberties]

September 2006

When Assumption Trumps Objectivity - Habib Battah  [Lebanon]
Utilising The Tragedy - Joshua Hergesheimer  [US foreign policy]

April 2006

Every Country Needs A Labour Party - George Galloway  [UK politics]

December 2005

Lebanon: The Dangerous Effects of US Interference - Gilbert Achcar (interview)  [Lebanon]
Egypt - A Test of Democratic Rhetoric - Soumaya Ghannoushi  [Egypt]
The Iron Fist of Jesus - Jason Miller  [US Christian fundamentalism]
Desperately Seeking Victory in a War Already Lost - Kim Petersen  [Iraq]
Hong Kong Phooey - SchNEWS editorial  [G8]

November 2005

The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken - Steven Laffoley  [US foreign policy]
The Niger Uranium Forgery of December 2003 - Gary Leupp  [Iraqi war disinformation]
Iran-monger - SchNEWS editorial  [Iran]
Ken Saro-Wiwa Remembered As Oil Conflict Continues - SchNEWS editorial  [Nigerian oil]

October 2005

Why Muslims reject British values - A Sivanandan  [UK racism]

August 2005

Iraq's Second-Class Citizens - Yifat Susskind  [Iraq / women's rights]

June 2005

A sinister nexus? - Torkel Brekke  [political extradition]
Leading by Example - Remi Kanazi  [Israel]
Oil, Socialism and Chutzpah in Venezuela - Jason Miller  [Venezuela]
Enabling Evil - Paul Craig Roberts  [Iraq]
GRRRrrr8, It Ain't - SchNEWS editorial  [G8]
There's A Lot Of It About - SchNEWS editorial  [Bolivia]
The Next War Has Already Started - John Steinberg  [world oil supplies & China]
Iraq-Vietnam comparison inevitable - Scott Taylor  [Iraq]
Getting out of Iraq - Jude Wanniski  [Iraq]

May 2005

Something Iraq Will Never Lose - Felicity Arbuthno  [Iraq]
Forcing Iran into a Nuclear Corner - Brian Cloughley  [Iran]
The Quagmire - Robert Dreyfuss  [Iraq]
Galloway v the US Senate: transcript of statement - George Galloway  [Iraq]
Dereliction of Duty Regarding Iraq - Scott Ritter  [Iraq]
In the Belly of the Beast - Scott Ritter  [Iraq]
Moderate Forces in a Pinch in Northern Ireland - Simon Roughneen  [Ireland]
The Plight of the Kurdish people - SchNEWS editorial  [Kurdistan]
Pain in the Gulags - SchNEWS editorial  [US secret prisons]
Let Them Eat Lead - SchNEWS editorial  [Uzbekistan]
Apeakolypse Now - SchNEWS editorial  [oil reserves]
Why Do They Hate Us? - Sandy Shanks  [US Middle East policy]

April 2005

Terry Jones interviewed by Scott Harris - Between The Lines  [Iraq]
Middle East democracy dominoes - Scott Taylor  [Middle East]
Nuclear Physics - SchNEWS editorial  [Eastern European nuclear program]

March 2005

Taysir Doesn't Deserve This - Ramzy Baroud  [press freedom]
Hijacking Democracy in Iraq - Scott Ritter  [Iraq]
Ice Burks! - Alcoa attacks European wilderness area - SchNEWS editorial  [Iceland]
America's Gunboat Democracy - Jude Wanniski  [Iraq]
Wolfowitz for World Bank? Ask the Mexicans - Sarah Whalen  [World Bank]

February 2005

Why Iran Will Go Nuclear - Tony Karon  [nuclear proliferation]
Sweat Nothings - SchNEWS editorial  [Nicaragua]
Fox Me Stoopid! - SchNEWS editorial  [hunting]

January 2005

Taysir Alluni: A reporter behind bars - Aljazeera  [press freedom]
A Mire of Death, Lies and Atrocities - Robert Fisk  [Iraq]
Growing Dissent - SchNEWS editorial  [GE]
How Bush Got Iraq War Cost Wrong - Martin Sieff  [Iraq]
The Truth About Camp David - Jude Wanniski  [Palestine]

December 2004

When Deadly Force Bumps Into Hearts And Minds - The Economist  [Iraq]

November 2004

Squeezing Jello In Iraq - Scott Ritter  [Iraq]
On to Iran - Won't Get Fooled Again? - Paul Craig Roberts  [Iran]
Will The Us Change The Middle East This Way? - Murat Yetkin  [US foreign policy]

September 2004

New Iraqi PM a Longtime CIA Source - Matt Kelley  [Iraq]
I.D.eal Citizen - SchNEWS editorial  [UK ID cards]

August 2004

The Death Of Cheap Crude - Adam Porter  [oil prices]
Can't Blair See that this Country is About to Explode? Can't Bush? - Robert Fisk  [Iraq]
Bush v. Kerry - The Fake Debate - John Pilger  [US foreign policy]

July 2004

Iraq-ing up the profits - SchNEWS editorial  [Iraq]

June 2004

Denouncing The Liberal Press - John Pilger  [US foreign policy]
Skyeway Robbery - SchNEWS editorial  [UK PFIs]
So It's Goodnight From Me... And Goodnight From Him - SchNEWS  [Ronald Reagan]
Who Is To Run The World, And How? - Noam Chomsky  [UK media]

May 2004

Change Agents - Kathy Kelly  [US foreign policy]
One Year On: From Liberation To Jihad - Pepe Escobar  [Iraq]
Echoes of Past at Abu Ghraib - C Fraser Smith  [US racism]
Clash of Civilizations - Margaret Dowd  [Iraq]
Horrid Thoughts About Horrid Leaders - Bernard Weiner  [US foreign policy]
This War and Racism - Media Denial in Overdrive - Norman Solomon  [US foreign policy]

April 2004

Disliking America - W Vic Ratsma  [US capitalism]
Lookout - Mutiny in Iraq - Naomi Klein  [Iraq]
Sharon Keeps His Avenging Sword Unsheathed - Linda Heard  [Palestine]
Torture, The American Way - Reverend Blair  [US human rights]
Is America facing an Iraqi intifadah? - HDS Greenway  [US Middle East policy]

March 2004

Maize Of Lies - SchNEWS editorial  [GM]

August 2003

Thirst For Profit - SchNEWS editorial  [water privatisation]

July 2003

Martial Law in Aceh - SchNEWS editorial  [arms sales to Indonesia]

June 2003

Bush's Vietnam - John Pilger  [Afghanistan / Iraq]
Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction - John W Dean  [Iraq]

May 2003

Shout Their Names Into The Wind - William Rivers Pitt  [Iraq]
Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free) - Arundhati Roy  [American Empire]

April 2003

It's Going Wrong - Robert Fisk  [Iraq]
The Unthinkable Is Becoming Normal - John Pilger  [Iraq]
Perles Of Wisdom - SchNEWS editorial  [Richard Perle]

March 2003

Deep Concerns - Noam Chomsky  [US power]
When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History - Thom Hartmann  [US politics]
Left Behind To Starve - George Monbiot  [food shortages in Africa]
Resist - John Pilger  [opposing the US invasion of Iraq]
A Monument To Hypocrisy - Edward Said  [opposing the US invasion of Iraq]
American Media Dodging UN Surveillance Story - Norman Solomon  [US espionage]

February 2003

Governments versus Peoples - Scott Burchill  [Iraq]
Dark Corners of the World - Fidel Castro  [US Foreign Policy]
War-makers, Bribees, And Poodle Versus Democracy - Edward S Herman  [Iraq]
Afghani-sham - SchNEWS editorial  [Afghanistan]

January 2003

Deciphering the Bush Administration's Motives - Michael T Klare  [Iraq]
The Time For Talking Is Over - George Monbiot  [Iraq]
Confronting Empire" - Arundhati Roy  [corporate globalization]
Oil Drums of War - SchNEWS editorial  [Iraq, oil]

December 2002

Why Blair's magic fix is destined to end in failure - Robert Fisk  [Palestine]
Human Rights Week 2002 - Noam Chomsky  [Turkey, The Kurds]
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Mark Thomas, CAAT & SchNEWS - SchNEWS article  [US foreign policy]
The Secret War - John Pilger  [Iraq]

November 2002

Speech given at Turin University - Harold Pinter  [US foreign policy]
Putin The Boot In - SchNEWS editorial  [Chechnya, Georgia and oil]

October 2002

Lethal Hypocrisy - John Pilger  [Bali]
Speech to London anti-war march 1st Oct 2002 - John Pilger (transcript)  [Iraq]
House of Commons Speech - Harold Pinter  [US foreign policy]

September 2002

Occupational Hazard - SchNEWS article  [ISM report from Palestine]
Silent But Deadly - SchNEWS editorial  [September 11th remembered]
Ethnic Cleansing by Starvation - Rania Awwad [child malnutrition in Palestine]

August 2002

Return To Sender - SchNEWS editorial  [Johannesburg Summit]

June 2002

The Best Lack All Conviction - Laurie King-Irani  [Israel/Palestine]

May 2002

A Firestorm Is Coming - Robert Fisk  [US foreign policy]
Corporate Phantoms - George Monbiot  [stifling debate on GM]

April 2002

In Depth Discussion on Israel / Palestine - Noam Chomsky
Drowning Children, Palestinians and American Responsibility - Todd May
Palestinians Left With No Alternative - Michael Neumann
Apartheid In The Holy Land - Desmond Tutu

March 2002

Human Rights and Australia - Irene Khan

February 2002

OK, George, make with the friendly bombs - Terry Jones  [Iraq - satire]

January 2002

Cockroach Prophet Letter - Joe Haveman  [US foreign policy]

December 2001

Afghanistan Conditions Deteriorating - Kathleen Kenna
Can Anything Stop The US Killing Spree? - Justin Podur

November 2001

Rising Sea Level Forcing Evacuation of Island Country - Lester R Brown
The Truths They Never Tell Us - John Pilger  [US foreign policy]

October 2001

Bombs, Blow-back and the Future - Tariq Ali  [Afghanistan]
Ballots Versus Bullets - Benjamin Barber  [Terrorism]
Top Five 'Censored' News Stories for 2001 - Big Issue
The New War Against Terror - Noam Chomsky
Why it's not wise to assassinate bin Laden - Anthony D'Amato
The Oil Behind Bush and Son's Campaigns - Ranjit Devraj
Symbols - Eduardo Galeano  [Afghanistan]
10 Things to Know About Terrorism - Mark Levine
War Is Peace - Arundhati Roy

September 2001

On the Bombings - Noam Chomsky
Anti-Globalization Movement must oppose war - Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
War and Terror in the Age of Global Empire - Sergio Fiedler
The Awesome Cruelty of a Doomed People - Robert Fisk
Will Tears Ever Stop? - John Gerassi  [9/11 & US foreign policy]
Folks Out There have a "distaste of Western Civilization and cultural values" - Edward S Herman
Bush's Orwellian Address - Happy New Year: It's 1984 - Jacob Levich
A Dangerous Isolation - Michael Mansfield
Bush's Holy War - Steve Perry
Inevitable Ring to the Unimaginable - John Pilger
Degree Speech to the University of Florence - Harold Pinter  [US foreign policy]
Activists and Spooks - Felipe Rodriquez
Under the Noses of CIA's Top Officials - Yoichi Clark Shimatsu
Blowback - Jeff Sommers
The Spoils of War - Squall Online Webtorial
Don't Ask, Don't Tell... Why - Chris Wright
Welcome to the Desert of the Real - Slavoj Zizek

February 1998

Hearing On US Interests In The Central Asian Republics - statement by John J Maresca  [oil]

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

- Hermann Goering, Luftwaffe Commander, Nuremberg Trials 1946
- from "Nuremberg Diary" by G M Gilbert (Signet, New York, 1947)

Johannesburg Summit

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