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Letter For Publication

by Joe Haveman  (January 2002)

(Feel free to use this letter in your publications. For other friends, please enjoy the facts.)

Dear Editor,

Mexican Labour Leader Pedros Reyes Linares believed that the United States should have turned to the international courts to deal with the events of September 11th. He said,"it's clearly not a war between good and evil, the impression is that there are other motives behind the war. It's not just hunting down terrorists, but achieving a greater control in a strategic area with rich resources, and the possibility of exploiting oil and minerals."

America's New War destroyed Afghanistan, when none of the terrorists directly involved in the terrorist attacks were from Afghanistan. Most were Saudi, who trained in Germany and Florida.

Up until 1998 America was looking at developing Afghanistan as an oil colony, much in the same way Saudi Arabia allied with the States. A terrorist attack on a U.S.Embassy stopped the negotations. American missiles killed 28 Afghans, and blew up a Sudanese Aspirin factory. In 1996 Unocal, an American company hosted the Taliban to a meeting in Houston Texas to discuss an oil pipeline. Before the war, Bush said that tapping the oil in the Caspian Sea was a priority for his administration. The Caspian Sea has the worlds largest untouched deposit of oil, enough to meet America's energy needs for a whole generation. The only way America could control the oil is to build the pipeline right through Afghanistan.

How much retribution must America give for the attacks of September 11th? I tend to think none, as the terrorist attacks did not effect me. I live in a cabin in the woods without water or electricity, thanks to Mike Harris I can't use a flushable toilet. The only reason I would be near such icons of western capitalism, is if I were protesting globalization, or the International Monetary Fund and World Banks loans to the impoverished third world. These loans cause 17,000 deaths a day in the world, and is partly why Argentina is in so much civil strife.

Before the war there were 2.6 starvations per 10,000 people in Afghanistan (1/10,000 is considered emergency). Millions face death in the wake of America's 'just' war. In one town, Khorum, 2/3rds of the population was killed. This is not an isolated incident. Yes, dead women do not wear burka's.

An American radio broadcast in Afghanistan said this,"attention noble people of Afghanistan. As you know the coalition countries have been airdropping daily humanitarian rations to you. The food ration is enclosed in yellow plastic bags. In areas away from where the food has been dropped, cluster bombs will also been dropped. The colour of these bombs is also yellow."

The suffering did not begin in Afghanistan. In Yugoslavia 1999, 78 days of bombing killed between 4 and 5,000 people. From 1992 to the present American sponsored paramilitary squads in Colombia have killed over 20,000 people (3/5 trade activists to get killed in the world are killed in Columbia). The sanctions on Iraq have killed 500,000 children in the past ten years, and the war for oil in 90/91 killed 200,000. The total attrition in Iraq is over 1 million deaths, in the longest allied bombing campaign since WWII. In 1989, American bombing in Panama killed 3,000. There is over two hundred years of these attrocities against the citizens of the world, and the American people, by the American government that no one seems to talk about. The School of the America's in Fort Benning, is where most Latin American state terrorists are trained to oppress their outspoken people.

In Canada, this war will cause the suffering of human rights. Bills C35, C36, and C42 are direct attacks on Canadian soveriegnty and civil liberties. This neo-McCarthyism might even put armed American soldiers in our country, thought police and secret trials.

"Afghanistan is just the start,"said George W. Bush. Pakistan and India are ready to square off, much of this is because of American meddling. America's support of Israel will bring a new war to the middle east. Israeli President Ariel Sharone is up on war crime charges for the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in 1982. Israel is a terrorist state, funded by America. Bush's greedy eyes are looking at Iraq for the next leg of his war.

"(Critics say) 'don't kill innocent people'. Well we are not the ones who waged war on innocent people. We seek the guilty,"said Tony Blair.

Using gunboat diplomacy, the Imperial leaders defend themselves by talking about the morality of their actions. How much retribution does September 11th need? How many will die without Paul McCartney rock concerts? We were bombarded with images of the Trade towers, but we saw nothing of the brutality in Afghanistan. The legitimate killing planes (British and American) have Air Force insignia's on the tail, the terrorist planes did not. If there was to be a true war on terrorism, the SAS and Royal Marines would storm the beaches of Flordia where more CIA funded terrorists ex-Latin American dictators and torturers are given refuge than any place on earth.

Oppose the Imperialist War like 100,000 did in London England Nov 18th. November 17th was the national anti-war action day in Canada. 5,000 took the streets in Vancouver and Montreal. 3,000 took the streets in Toronto, and 3-500 met to oppose the G20 in Ottawa. Two swords, globalization and war threatens the lives of all people in the 21st Century. How long will Sept.11th be an acceptable excuse for murder, when all murder is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

Joe Haveman
Tenant Action Group,
Belleville, Ontario

- circulated by Cockroach Prophet (8th January 2002) -

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