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search engines - info links

general info & resources

fooling the search engines - practices best avoided (local)
HighRankings.com - Jill Whalen - writing copy + SEO articles
JafSoft Search Engine "search engine" - worldwide search engines + links
Market Position - Brent Winters - search engine newsletter
Pandia Search World - search engine news & info + topic search
Rank Write - SEO articles by Jill Whalen and Heather Lloyd-Martin
Research Buzz - Tara Calishain - specialised search engines & news archives
Search Engine details - bits & bobs (local - needs updating)
Search Engine Dictionary - easy to use, explains all the current jargon
Search Engine Forums - includes forums for Google, Yahoo etc
Search Engine Guide - news, marketing info, newsletter, s/engine list
Search Engine Roundtable - forum, news + links
Search Engine Showdown - comprehensive comparison of features etc
Search-engines.net - links to + info on search engines (re adding boxes)
SearchEngineWatch - Danny Sullivan - current s/e news, info, forum & links
SearchEngines.com - info on search engines and submissions
SelfPromotion.com - tips on getting listed in Yahoo etc
Spider Food - detailed SEO info + dynamic indexing + newsletter + forums
submission data - info needed for submitting commercial sites (local)
SuccessWorks- Heather Lloyd-Martin - copywriting articles
Webmaster World - excellent search engine forum
Wilson Internet - Ralph F Wilson - marketing and promotion advice

search engine blogs

Search Engine Watch - news
Search Engine Roundtable - community
Max Cutts - optimisation
Technorati - blogs
Jen Sense - marketing

free multi-submission sites

because a site is submitted to a search engine or a directory, this does not necessaily mean that the submission will be accepted, nor if the submission is accepted that the site will be successfully indexed

many so-called search engines and directories are merely lists of links, and are unlikely to be visited by anyone other than search engine robots and the sites' submitters checking to see if their submissions have been successful

most majors require little more than the submission of a site's URL (a few seconds work) - specialised search engines and most of the business directories tend to require detailed company information before accepting submissions - some directories review a site before deciding whether to accept it

paying small amounts of money to submit to large numbers of sites (hundreds or thousands) is likely to result in vast amounts of email spam being received, and may even result in the site seing banned by search engines such as Google (which use link popularity to rank their results)

AltaVista said at the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in Boston [early 2001] that virtually all of the submissions it receives come from [automated submission] robots, and that 95 percent of all [such] submissions are considered spam

banner exchange sites + info

using reciprocal links merely to increase search engine rankings is no longer recommended

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