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NEW - AUG 2006 - message from Skadi meic Beorh

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      treehouse2 pic   this treehouse was occupied by Mr Dermet Murphy who represented the people of Ireland in the judicial defense of the Glen of the Downs Nature Reserve, under threat from Euroroute 1      
      autumn 97, when those on the ground were in danger of being flooded as the stream changed into a roaring river (see lower right of pic) - which resulted in them moving to more solid foundations on the other side to establish a Celtic round-house in a car-park
   ground camp pic


fireside pic  
another pic from Autumn 97 - drying off round the fire, a regular ritual, a regular necessity even      
      built by Jeff in October 97 for Phil to live in, it was strategically placed as part of a defensive network of other tree-houses and was continually occupied by Dara, Tekla, Sally & others    treehouse1 pic      

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I was a warm body in the Glen from November 1997 through St. Paddy's Day of 1998, with a month away at Emhain Macha just after Christmas.
I want to thank you for keeping the Glen website updated, and I have a request, actually for all of us. If this has not been done, would someone please go into the East side of the glen and photograph the ancient ash trees there? There are one or two very old ones, one with a hole in its trunk where some of us used to sit for quiet and rest. There are a few more, a bit younger, not far from the Octagon. Also, there are one or two ancient oak trees on the west side, quite a ways up. Black and white photos would be better, I think, but color would suffice. Photos of these majestic trees would be a true treasure for anyone in the world to see. I am sure that many people, in Ireland and elsewhere, do not know these trees exist. At least I hope they are still there. I hope the road did not go that high into the hills.
I would like to hear from others who were there.
Skadi meic Beorh  (Aug 2006) /

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