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Forwarded From: "Felix Ford" (
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 02:19:31 -0000


From: "Clare Holohan" (
Subject: we need your help!!!!
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 20:47:32 GMT

Clare Holohan
14 Idrone Tce

Dear Friends,

We are students from Loreto Abbey Dalkey and this year we are entering "ESATS's YOUNG SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR COMPETITION". We found your address on the Glen of the Downs website. We have decided to focus on the Glen of the Downs protest which took place last year. Our title is Should we have listened to the ECO-Warriors? We set out to examine the effects which the road widening will lead to, and we also want to find out the opinion of an Eco-warrior and of members of the public on this controversial dispute. I am writing to you to ask if it could be possible for you to answer the following questionnaire as it is a vital part of our project. This will be a chance for you to state your side of the argument as our project will be seen by members of the public in January at THE YOUNG SCIENTISTS EXHIBITION in the RDS. We are also going to distribute a survey to residents living in/near the Glen of the Downs. In our opinion we salute you; for standing up for our environment and trying to protect our precious trees and wildlife. Now it's our chance to show the public what is going to happen as a result of not listening to you and hopefully if we win this competition, it will raise further public awareness! We would like to keep in contact with you if its possible you may have some time to help us with questionnaires or any questions which need answered. Also, if you have any ideas or any other people we could contact which you feel may benefit the project please feel free to tell us.

Thank you for your time and patience and I look forward to hearing your side on this dispute.

Thanks again,

Yours Sincerely,

Clare, Una and Aine.


please send replies to


1.) What were your reasons for protesting?
2.) Why do you not agree with the expansion of the road?
3.) What do you think will be the effects of the widening of the road?
4.) What was it like living in the Glen of the Downs?
5.) How long did you stay?
6.) Do you think you got enough support from the general public?>
7.) Do you believe you were being violated of your human rights when you were arrested?
8.) Was there ever a time in your campaign where you felt it was just to much and that you should concede defeat?
9.) Should a case arise like this again would you take action to such extent as you did in the Glen of the Downs?
10.) Can you describe your so called "Tree-Village?"
11.) How did you survive without access of food, change of clothing etc.?
12.) What forms of protest did you undertake?
13.) Would you agree that the media coverage gave a negative view of the Eco-Warriors?
14.) Have your friends stuck by you during you campaign?
15.) Why do you feel so strongly on the subject?

(If there are any other questions you feel we should have asked to improve our project, please feel free to answer them on the questionnaire)

Thank again!!!

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