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Jukebox Renovation Day 2000

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To celebrate Jukebox Renovation Day a millenium was held. The central event took place in
Basildon on Saturday, 9th September starting at midday and finishing sometime after midnight.
Officiating were Horse, Terence and Dave King - last minute attempts to involve JB in the
proceedings unfortunately came to naught. Weed was in attendance supplying food and other
material necessities.

jrd pic 1   
Horse quickly had the Q160 in bits...

jrd pic 7   
    Dave and Terence do some cleaning

jrd pic 5   
    Horse checks out the core memory

jrd pic 2   
    a problem with the popularity solenoid

jrd pic 4   
    Terence suggests it's time to rtfm

jrd pic 8   
    Dave discovers a broken wire

jrd pic 6   
    now to put it back together again

jrd pic 3   
polished and gleaming  

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photos taken by Weed using a £4.99 disposable
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