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"The Select-O-Matic Q100
  and Q160 Models are coin-
  operated phonographs for
  selective playing of 45 rpm,
  7-inch, monaural and
  stereophonic records."

  (Seeburg Manual 55113)
Q160 pic from Retro Rock-it

latest news  (October 2011)

Apologies for the lack of a detailed report on the January 2010 event, but there's some photos of those taking part on Horse's Facebook page (Horse, Terence, D2 and Weed). It looks like the next meet-up is likely to be an attempt to fix Robin's Wurlitzer 2900!

JRD report  (June 2004)

It's now four years since the  first Jukebox Renovation Day. The 2004 event was held on Sunday June 12th with Dave, Horse, Terence and Weed attending.

The main item on the agenda was the elimination of the disturbing background hum on the Q160 which could be heard when the record was playing. This was diagnosed at the last JRD, the fault being traced to leaking electrolytic capacitors. Terence brought along some new ones, and four of the suspect caps were replaced. And it worked! The hum is gone! This is indeed a triumph, with the jukebox now sounding as good as it did when first purchased from Juke Box Junction twenty five years ago.

Scheduled for the next meeting is an attempt to try and mend the remote control unit. If there is sufficient interest, a web cam might be set up for the benefit of those unable to attend in person.

A secondary project has also begun, to renovate a 60's Dansette given to Weed by Steve, with Dave taking the initiative on this one. Coincidently Robin has just managed to combine the working bits of two Dansettes from his attic in order to get a working record player for Georgia to use. Hopefully pics and a dansette page will follow in due course.

blast from the past

     John Browne gets to grips with the carousel from Robin's  Wurlitzer 2900  in the kitchen of Queensbridge Road, illuminated by Weed, with Jilly watching over (1984)

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