the BBC described Bill Gates as "the inventor of the PC"
- a comment by a contributor to "The Register"


"Bill Gates did NOT invent the computer ! He did NOT enrich our lives he cost us BILLIONS and BILLIONS of hours and dollars in LOST PRODUCTIVITY, PC crashes, data losses, PC viruses, identity theft, and more Ferchrissake. If you are so removed from REALITY that you don't know Bill had NOTHING to do with inventing a PC and that reliable Operating Systems existed long before Dollar Bill ILLEGALLY COERCED PC MANUFACTURERS into installing WINDOZE on ALL PCs for which MICROSUCKS WAS CONVICTED -- then you better get the Hell out of the PC Hack Biz because you just made a Goddamn fool out of your self.

Bill Gates should be BURNED AT THE STAKE for his crimes against humanity not Canonized as the creator of the PC which he is NOT ! And Bill Gates certainly should NOT be commended for stealing BILLIONS from consumers every year and then giving a few million of OUR MONEY to charity in HIS NAME. WTF is a matter with you, are you on CRACK???

Get a friggin CLUE before you publish such DRIBBLE about a CONVICTED CRIMINAL such as Bill Gates."

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thanx to Dave Dewar (RIP) of World Flags & QSL Factory for alerting me to this considered opinion
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revised 28 February 2011