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Win98 crash - CNN transcript

"...just plug it in. It's gonna say, 'Hey! I see you've plugged in a new device', and it's gonna load in the appropriate drivers."
[close up of Windows98 screen]
"You'll notice that this scanner... whoa!"
[close up of screen now displaying the familar blue screen of death]
[prolonged cheering from audience]
"... Moving right along..."

"This must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet?"

"Absolutely! Absolutely!"

view  25 sec mov video clip (1.7Mb)

[recent versions of Firefox have problems playing mov files... recent versions of Firefox have problems with lots of things]

and another goodie...

here's a great clip of  Steve Ballmer,  MC extrordinaire at the annual MS rave (3MB mpg)

other microsoft stuff

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