Cheikh Borom NDiguel Fall      

The Spirit of Akassa

"Akassa is a classical sacred musical patchwork which rejoices in the love of the Holy Spirit, love of human beings and love of the beauty of nature. This style of chanting or zikr and drumming in praise of God is called JEFJEL. As a spiritual act this album celebrates the marriage of the old and the new. It is an expression of joy and gratitude in which love of God is calling through zikr which can be felt and appreciated by people regardless of culture traditions or background. Akassa travels from the heart: universal in appeal and feeling. Akassa is a set of songs both praising God for His goodness, and to honour the Divine Creation.

It is hoped that this musical reference will serve an additional function to Baye Fall culture in conformity with the example set by Cheikh Borom Ndiguel Fall (see photo left) who has fully shown the way of this artistic legacy from Cheikh Ibra Fall.

It has been a very rich experience collaborating with music producer Iain McKinna, and I believe that it is a spiritual connection transcending all barriers and boundaries. Akassa manifests oneness and harmony. It was a pleasure to create such nice vibes during the recording. Akassa is a calling from the heart, a voicing of the tongue, an activity of the limbs. Many thanks to Offbeat, Scotland.

Praise be to God, the Compassionate, the most Merciful."     (Hamed Kane)

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