Akassa CD cover text

Cheikh Mahul Any, who wrote this text, was a Doctor of Law, a theologian and a Sufi. He called the path followed by Cheikh Ibra Fall the best of paths. He called Baye Fall the best of groups amongst the Mourides. He testified that and wrote that it is enough to observe the Qur'an and realise that Cheikh Ibra Fall issues forth from it. He admitted the Quranic origin of Baye Fall and confirmed by a sense of personal participation the essential point of view, and performed his research from this Islamic knowledge. Cheikh Mahul Any admitted to the presence of Cheikh Ibra Fall a real spiritual dimension of being. He revealed many sources to explain the origin of Cheikh Ibra Fall, which is linked to the baraka of the prophet Mohammed (SAWS).
    Akassa CD inner cover

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