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Clown Surfers

new members are welcome

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Clown Surfers - #2GOUVJVU - Clan Rules

(last edited 17 February 2016)

Our clan is based on good communication. We sometimes win wars because we can contact people in the last few minutes who have not yet attacked. Please add the leader on Facebook if you use it regularly (either directly or via the Clown Surfers page), and/or give the leader other ways of contacting you (email, WhatsApp, cell phone, Skype etc).

We are an adult clan

New members should first join one of our feeder clans (see FAQ)

Read the clan Strategy Guide on our Facebook page (this needs updating)

Read the clan FAQ on our Facebook page

Introduce yourself to the clan and let us know you have read the Clan Rules

Don't rush your base - maximise buildings, troops, heroes and walls before upgrading town hall

Redesign your war base to the agreed format unless instructed otherwise by a co-leader

Discuss your Clan Wars attacks in the chat with experienced players before you attack

Use both your attacks in every war - if you don't, you may be kicked

Be generous with donations and donate to those who have requested before you

Keep a donation/recieved ratio of no less than 1:4

Do not donate goblins or wallbreakers unless specifically requested

Thanking someone for their troop donations is an easy way to continue getting good donations

Stay active

Do not request troops that you cannot donate yourself

Agressive and petty behaviour will get you kicked

Don't spam the chat with nonsense

Clown Surfers (Facebook)   |  Clan Rules   |  Clan FAQ   |  Clan Results   |  some stats (spreadsheet)

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revised 4 August 2016