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Clown Surfers - #2GOUVJVU - Clan FAQ

(last edited 20 February 2016)

Where can I find about Clown Surfers?

* Clan Rules and other information can be found on the Clown Surfers Facebook page in the Notes section

Where can I find information about changes to this FAQ?

* in your Clan Inbox, in the Clan Description, or on the Clown Surfers Facebook page

How do I join the Clown Surfers clan?

* new members should first join one of our feeder clans, Clown Surfers 2 (#8JYL22L9) or Clown Surfers 4 (#LCQL0LP0), and take part in at least one war there

What troops should i donate?

* for a multi-player battle, if the request doesn't specify which troops are wanted, donate archers or wizards

* for a war attack, only donate the maximum level troops requested

* remember that because of our "Clan Perks", the level of all donated troops which are less than maximum is increased by 1

How often do we war?

* a new "War Search" is started as soon as possible after the end of the previous war, usually within two hours

How do I get take part in a war?

* keep a good donations ratio and take part in clan discussions on tactics and strategy

* toggle the "Clan Wars" button on your profile to green - (if you do not want to take part on a war, toggle the "Clan Wars" button on your profile to red)

* if you have heroes (Barbarian King, Archer Queen) make sure they are available - if your heroes are upgrading, toggle your "Clan Wars" button to red - if you want to take part on a war without your heroes you can leave Clown Surfers temporarily and join People's Palace

What do I need to do if I am in a war?

* edit your War Base Castle donation request to say what troops you want and how many of each - currently recommended troops: a maximum level dragon, any remaining space filled with maximum level balloons

* only donate maximum level troops to War Base Castles

* donate troops to the war base castle below you (as long as they are maximum level including perks)

* when you request Clan Castle troops and spells for your war attacks make clear what you want and that it is for war - (eg "maximum hogs and any level quake, for war")

* the weaker bases (especially the bottom 2 bases) should attack as early as possible - it is best if the two lowest bases make their first attack at the start of the war, and their second attack within the first two hours of the war

* use both your war attacks - (if there is no suitable base to attack, ask for advice whether to attack a stronger base to explore its defenses, or take the opportunity to practise attacking)

Which enemy war base should I attack?

* the system we use varies from war to war - check your clan Inbox for the war plan or ask in Clan Chat

* check that the base you want to attack isn't reserved (see below)

* lower bases should consider attacking their opposite number for their first attack

* higher bases should choose a base they think they can 3-star (but make sure that lower bases still have targets left for them)

* ask in Clan Chat

* when you have decided which base to attack reserve it in Clan Chat (see below)

How do I reserve a war attack on an enemy base?

* check the Clan chat for the reservation system we are currently using

* check that the base you want to attack isn't already reserved in the Clan Description or Clan Chat

* in the past we have used the system of posting reservations in Clan Chat using the format "your base / enemy base - minimum number of hours remaining in the war after your attack" - for example: 7/9-20 means our base 7 intends to attack enemy base 9 in the first four hours of the war

Do you keep stats and trophy records?

* CS1 war records from April 2015 can be found at

* there are links to a stats spreadsheet from the top and bottom of the page

* the spreadsheet contains various stats including donation/request ratios and trophy counts

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