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Weed  (ex-SEO consultant)

21st Century
Active Birth Centre (ABC)
Adhyatma Teachings
Anderson O'Day - Anderson O'Day are independent art advisors and curators based London, England. The have been advising corporations on commissioning and collecting contemporary art since 1971, working with an international network of artists, critics, museum curators, galleries, auction houses and educators, to source work of the highest quality on behalf of their clients. They have also presented first exhibitions of many British artists, including Jake Chapman, Anya Gallaccio, Fiona Rae and Sam Taylor-Wood.
Atsuko Kudo - Atsuko Kudo is a designer and manufacturer of women's clothing using latex rubber. The range includes jackets, skirts, dresses, tops, lingerie, corsets, hats and accessories for women who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong. They are available in a wide variety of plain colours and uniquely patterned prints. Commissions are also undertaken for both individual garments and complete ensembles.
Auction Air
Bacob Bank
Bak-rak - bike racks and cycle carriers - Bak-Rak is a unique carrying rack mounted on a euro-standard vehicle tow-ball. It is available as a tilting version in stainless or zinc-plated steel, and as a multi-rak on which can be fitted to three standard bike-racks. The flanged bracket fits most flange type balls. A range of mounting accessories are available.
Barclays Property Holdings
Barrett Marsden Gallery, London, England, now the Marsden Woo Gallery, a leading gallery for the applied arts in Central London, dealing in ceramics, glass, metal and, wood. It represents nationally and internationally renowned artists whose conceptual interests are linked to concerns for skill, process and material. Scupltors associated with the gallery include Gordon Baldwin, one of the UK's best known modern ceramicists.
Baxters of Speyside
Baxters Direct
Best Factories Magazine (Haymarket)
Best Practice Magazine (Haymarket)
BioIndustry Association (BIA)
BioScience Jobs
The Birth Centre
Business OnLine Magazine
Britannia Health
Britannia Pharmaceuticals
Caned Unable - popular live Lancaster band started by Aaron and Johan Perkins in 1999, playing a mixture of self-composed indie, rock and metal numbers as well as songs with an acoustic influence
Catalyst Biomedica
Club Gay
CMR - CMR Controls was founded by Clemens Richter to manufacture low pressure and air flow measurement and control systems for standard air conditioning, clean rooms, sterile laboratories, microchip production areas and fume cupboard extraction systems. Based in South East England, it is a leading source of precision air pressure monitoring and control instrumentation, and operates throughout Europe.
Commercial Turnkey Projects (CTP)
e fortiori - A complete technology service catering for all requirements, from the resolution of a simple computer problem to the provision of complete IT support including IT strategy and continuous improvement. This includes office cabling, database creation or office technology relocation, or a full service level agreement that includes software updating and regular technology optimisation
Equip-u - Equip is an online supplier to the educational and retail sectors for computer hardware, software & peripherals for Apple, IBM and PC compatibles. Based in Romford, Essex, its product portfolio contains more than 100,000 items including satellite navigation systems and image processing equipment. It also provides consultancy and on-site servicing.
First Fencing - UK garden fencing contractors covering Hampshire, Sussex and Portsmouth - suppliers of iron and wooden gates and fences, sheds, trellises, gazebos, pergolas and decking - building contractors for patios and stone walls - repair and maintenance of old and damaged fences - willow screens and hurdles and closeboard barriers - installation of privacy and security fencing - proprietor John Rea of Emsworth
First Premise
Fleetway House
Forum Bioscience
France Biotech
GLE (Greater London Enterprise)
Grants Marble Manufactory - For over 150 years Grants Devon workshop has fashioned baths and bath tubs, antique stone floors and table tops, and interiors in hard stone, antique marble and semi-precious stone. Grants also specialises in bespoke stonework restoration, and repairing antique vases in malachite, porphyry and other rare materials.
Hammerhead TV
Healthcare Ventures (HVL)
Hugh Grover
Insurance Times Online
Janina International - Manufacturers of dental hygiene products including Opale Toothspray, Diamond Toothpaste and Optima Mouthwash. As well as helping contol plaque and tartar, Janina's products contain natural fruit enzymes to promote non-abrasive whitening. The site has ecommerce facilities and a forum.
Kuedo Floor Cushions and Throw Cushions - A wide selection of exquisite cushions manufactured in England in a range of elegant and decorative styles using fake fur, faux leather, suede and sequins. They come in a choice of colours and are made of solid foam which is machine washable.
Laing Homes
Laing Partnership
Land Use and Water Resources Research
Living English - Founded by Chris Heatley to provide individual tuition to improve fluency and vocabulary in the English language with a two week course in Bloomsbury, Central London. Thus includes 60 hours of personalised training and up to 20 hours of social conversation practice in business English.
LSA International
Maples & Calder
Marks Sensual Massage
Mindleaders (Venus Web Training)
Ministry Of Badges
Mister Oddjob
National Centre For Eating Disorders - The NCFED is based in Esher, Surrey. Founded in 1984, it provides professional training for those wanting to work in the field of eating disorders, and has a national network of counsellors offering personal therapy and group counselling, as well as an online confidential query service.
Octagon Developments
Orpheus Magazine (Newsquest)
Revive! Cosmetic Surgery In Poland - Revive in Poland offers affordable cosmetic surgery for men and women, including nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), facelifts, the correction of protruding ears, and the removal of folds and bulges from upper and lower eyelids. Other services provided at the Warsaw clinic by surgeons Doctor Jerzy Potocki and Professor Edward Towpik include breast enlargement and reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), arm reduction, liposuction, and the surgical removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue from the thigh and buttocks. Treatment is also available for gynaecomastia (excessive growth of the mammary gland and breast tissue) and congenital breast deformities.
Rooftop Music (London)
Special Photographers
St Giles College
Strip Escape - Manufacturer and installation of personal fire escapes in the Basildon area. The Strip Escape is a collapsible fold-away ladder permanently fastened to the outside wall of the property, which is opened from an upstairs window to allow the occupants an easy escape from a burning building.
Suzuki 4x4 Home Page
The Garden Works Company - Maintenance, tidy-ups and landscaping of public and private gardens in the Britol / Bath area. A complete range of services is offered including turf laying, lawn treatments, weed control, patios and fencing erection, gravel supply and installation, stonework, tree surgery, decking, reseeding, pruning, jet washing, wood restoration, hedge cutting and leaf clearance.
Tony Benn Biography
Trevor Leggett Books
Valeri Dobrynin
Van Dyck (Exhibition)
Venus Internet (Venus Business Communications) - A Central London service provider established in 1995, Venus Internet Ltd offers a full range of web and internet related services to large and small corporate clients, including hosting, web design, e-commerce, custom database applications and complex business solutions and also caters for the scientific technical and medical sectors.
Visit (Haynet)
WADE - World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
Wade Weeks Wong
Wimpey Homes (George Wimpey)
World Flags - A resource site with pictures of all the world's flags, together with detailed information about each country including area, capital city, language, currency, population size, life expectancy, literacy rate, common religions, physical features, ethnic distribution, imports and exports. This is supplemented by a selection of images, including those sent in by visitors.
Ziptop - Independent developers of classic UK SWP (Skill With Prizes) quiz games including "Hangman", "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", "Cluedo" and "Pub Quiz", and original concept games such as "Quiz City", "Who Wants to Win a Tenner" and "Frog in a Liquidizer".

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