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Spooks, Conspiracies, Censorship and Privacy - Links

as Freewheelin' Franklin once said, "just because you're paranoid,
it don't mean they're not out to get you" - hmm... that's not right...
no, he didn't say that - what FF said was, "As we all know, dope
will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you
through times of no dope.
" - ah well, on with the groovy links...

[please note - content last updated March 2009]

Activists and Spooks - covert activities against activist groups

Biohazards of ELF - ELF in mind-control, low-level EMF as a weapon, shields

CIA's homepage for kids - catch them young...

Counterintelligence and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures homepage - bugging

Covert Action Quarterly Homepage - investigative journal

Federation of American Scientists - nuclear weapons, arms sales, biological hazards, secrecy, space policy

Fluoride Issues - don't eat your toothpaste! you have been warned!

Freedom Isn't Free - mind control

HSV Technologies - UV anti-personnel beam weapon development

Infomanage - wide ranging info on politics, intelligence, conspiracy etc

Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare - cyberwar, defense & intelligence agencies info

Intelligence - parapolitics from publishers of expensive French mag

Intelligence on the Web - comprehensive links to (military) intelligence & related sites

International TEMPEST Information Page - info on EMR from electronic equipment

Lobster - excellent UK parapolitics journal - essential reading!

Mother Jones magazine - US investigative magazine

Powerwatch - electromagnetic fields and health, + military use

Satellite Database - from UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Secret Kingdom - UK government & military orgs (MI5, MI6, GCHQ, SAS, SBS etc)

SPUR - Society for Paranormal & UFO Research

The Corporations Have Taken Over The Asylum - Ethyl Corporation of America & the NAFTA

Udder Madness! - Phosmet link to BSE discredited by NOAH

and here's some stuff on encription, electronic privacy, censorship and net freedom

Blue Ribbon Campaign - for online free speech

Center for Democracy and Technology - privacy & the FBI, cryptography, civil liberties etc

Cipherwar - privacy, new legislation on technology, politics

Crypto Link Farm - Encryption and Security-related Resources

Cryptography - (useful links hidden away on a page on a commercial site)

Cyber-rights and Cyber-liberties - privacy, encription, politics & legislation (mainly UK)

Data Protection Registrar - UK Data Protection Act + search of register

Echelon Watch - discussion on the most powerful intelligence gathering organization in the world

Electronic Frontier Foundation - censorship, civil liberties, privacy, surveillance, cryptography etc

Electronic Privacy Information Centre - news, info, legislation, resources, links

Global Internet Liberty Campaign - a coalition of groups concerned with freedom of expression

Human Rights Watch - research & campaigns

InfoSec and InfoWar Portal - Information Warfare, Security, Cybercrime

Index on Censorship - includes excerpts from Gandalf publications

Internet Freedom - UK campaigning site + censorship news

New South Wales Privacy Committee - international privacy research links

PGP (US) - Pretty Good Privacy Inc Home Page - what all the fuss is about...

PGP International - Pretty Good Privacy - for downloads outside the USA

privacy.org - UK & European privacy issues, phone-tapping, encryption

Project Censored - reports on censored news stories (Sonoma State University, US)

Statewatch - UK/Europe civil liberties database

Watching Them Watching Us - UK CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign

many of these links come from various issues of the leading UK parapolitics mag Lobster which is published twice a year by Robin Ramsey

the disinformation site is an excellent antidote to paranoid fantasies

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