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Hackney Anti-Squatting Campaign

From a letter sent out last week by Hackney Neighbourhood Offices: Transforming Hackney...

"Many squatters are coming onto this estate to cause criminal damage to council property while (sic) living rent free at YOUR expense. If you find any squatter breaking into any flat please dial our emergency squatline immediately on: 0800 622872. This is a free confidential line. A team will attend immediately. If the squatters are caught in the act they will be arrested by the police for criminal damage".

SchNEWS says: please don't waste Hackney Council's time and money by ringing the freephone number in a payphone and leaving it off the hook. Certainly don't even think about ringing them up with hoax squatter sightings. You can instead send donations to the well skint Advisory Service for Squatters who give free legal advice and can tell you a fing or two about Hackney's appalling record on leaving homes empty - ASS: 0171 359 8814

(from SchNEWS 194 - December 98)

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