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Empty Homes Agency (UK) - November 1997

Meanwhile, the Empty Homes Agency has launched a hotline to identify the capital's 120,000 empty homes. If you live next door to an empty property in London, call 870 9016303. And if anyone out there who wants to organise another Squatters Estate Agency why not subscribe to the Building Society Repossession List - "Britains largest list of repossessed vacant and unmodernised properties." It's a bit pricey - a London and Home Counties Edition will cost you 80 ukp for a month edition (100 ukp for the whole country).

Give 'em a call on 0181 262 7788 and try and blag them.

the above info from SchNEWS mailing list 144 (Nov 97)
to subscribe, send a message to schnews@brighton.co.uk with the word "subscribe" as the subject.
Feel free to say more in the message!

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