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From: "Jo Makepeace" (webmaster@schnews.org.uk)
Subject: SchNEWS 615, Friday 11th January 2008
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 17:12:36 -0000

RampArt appeal eviction decision (London, UK)


After four years in London serving up a social club, film venue, art space and much more besides, RampArt lost their court case against eviction at the end of December. It was all doom and gloom as they looked set to close, but they haven't given up on 2008 yet. They have filed an appeal hoping to stay actual eviction for another month and have already lined up another building to open as the pithily named Ram Part II. As a result they are still continuing with publicised events and are still taking bookings for new ones. Much help is needed to knock the new place into shape and the wish list includes a free-standing gas heaters/cookers, wind turbines, solar panels, thick curtains and doors (erm, wasn't Christmas a fortnight ago?!)

Any plumbers or electricians would also be as welcome as social collapse. To find out more, get down to their regular open meeting on Monday nights, 7pm at RampArt, or email rampart@mutualaid.org

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