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Buckingham Road Nursery Squat - Leeds (Yorkshire)

Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 02:32:35 +0100
From: Mel
Subject: Recent squat to archive

We are a group of socially aware artists and musicians, who have just organised the second annual squat of a disused Nursery at 31 Buckingham Road, Leeds West Yorkshire. The property was squatted on May day, and since then has become an autonomous arts space for any artists wishing to exhibit work there. We have presented 3 weeks of art, music and partying for the general public.

There is a real wish to make this squat different to the usual 'anarchic' squat with people smashing everything up and vandalising, and we have managed to make it a homely and communal place to live for the time we have it.

Court papers were served for a hearing date of the 24th of May 2006, so there are plans for a final 'blowout' show on next Sunday 28th of May. There will be screenings from underground experimental filmakers alongside local bands playing and delicious food being served up. We are not planning to fight the eviction, as we feel certain it is inevitable, but as there are no plans for the building to be demolished, or used for any other purpose, we are hoping we can carry on using this space in the years to come.

[There are some posters for events held by kicking-n-screaming at the squat at https://myspace.com/kicking_screaming/mixes]

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