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From: "Jo Makepeace" - webmaster@schnews.org.uk
Subject: SchNEWS 522, Friday 25th November, 2005

The Advisory Service For Squatters is now 30 years old (SchNEWS are wee snappers at a mere 11 years old). ASS was born in 1975 arising out of the Family Squatters Advisory Service (FSAS) which supported squatting groups and individuals. Shelter had previously helped support the FSAS and only withdrew its funding when threatened with a loss of charitable income for supporting dirty squatters. ASS was (and still is) entirely run by voluntary unpaid effort with running costs raised through benefits and donations; they also survived having the office burnt out from a fascist firebomb attack in the 1980s. ASS started producing The Squatters Handbook in 1976 and does to this day (at only 2 inc.P&P) with advice on everything from resisting bailiffs to amateur plumbing.

Recently they have moved to a new office -

above Freedom Bookshop,
Angel Alley
84b, Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7QX

It is open Monday to Friday 2-6pm.

Any enquries about squatting contact ASS tel. 020-3216-0099 or 0845-644-5814.

They've got a  training day  for people who want to volunteer in the office on Sunday 11th December. The website has revamped and has info on squatting, events calendar and the all important 'Section 6' Legal Warnings to print off -


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