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From: questionmarks01@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Squatting: The Surreal Story
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:25:35 +0100 (BST)

Squatting - The Surreal Story

We are collecting stories for a book all about the joys and hazards of squatting. No matter how long you've squatted you're bound to have a tale or two to inspire and entertain the rest of us. We're looking for stories from current and former British squatters that fit into the following categories -

Just Do It? - Why you decided to squat.

Getting In and Not Getting In - All about getting over the fence, through the window and past the front door. Or not as the case may be...

The First Night - Getting acquainted with your new home.

Classic squats - The best and worst places you lived.

Neighbours From Hull - Good and bad experiences with the locals.

Troublemaking - Squatted social centres, squatters groups, actions and campaigns.

The Cooking Rota - The joys of everyday squatting.

Musical Adventures - Raves, squatted venues, free festivals, bands and more.

Having Your Day In Court - Navigating the legal system and facing the magistrate.

Getting Evicted - Best and worst evictions.

Not Getting Evicted - Successful cases and obtaining ownership.

Things That Were Left Behind - Stuff that was stolen from you or you that abandoned as well as things you found.

Send your recollections and pictures to -


We will be posting up sample stories and photos on the ASS website from August on.
Any profits made from the eventual publication will be donated to the Advisory Service for Squatters.


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