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Subject: SchNEWS 368, Friday 16th August, 2002
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 23:02:14 +0100
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new squats in Hackney (London) - August 2002

Richmond Road - Community Art Space / Riot Squad Records

A new squatted community art space will be opening at 282 Richmond Road in Hackney, London on the 24th August, running for a week with workshops on sculpture/metalwork, woodwork/speaker cabinet building, web design, and desk top publishing, plus an array of the finest underground art in the capital. Running along side this event will be Riot Squad Records, a squatted record shop devoted to underground dance music and hoping to be a vital link between musicians, artists, producers and performers. "Finally there will be a friendly place to listen to tunes, with good prices and the opportunity to get some second hand classics," say the organisers.

More info on 07092 012299 - http://www.randomartists.org

Edith Cavell Building - Commmunity Centre

The Edith Cavell building, a huge modern office building in Hackney (between Enfield Road and Hertford Road, just off Kingsland Road) has just been squatted as a community centre.

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