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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:41:32 +0100
To: rts@gn.apc.org
From: allsorts@gn.apc.org
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 11th april

Radical Dairy is Raided - Stoke Newington, London

computers taken and electric cut


come to open meeting tonight 6.30pm followed by yummy caff and acoustic music!

After days of varied police presence outside the Stoke Newington social centre, police arrived this morning on the pretense of looking for drugs. After searching everyone and coming up empty handed they went for what they were really after - the computer hard drives. The accompanying people from the electric board cut off the electric supply. Loads of neighbours came out in support of the social centre, as they have on previous police visits, and many have already offered help.

We have now put a sign up outside the dairy -

"Thankyou for all of your support this morning. For those who don't already know, the police came to visit us again today. They have taken our computers and the electricity was cut off.
However... WE WANT TO STAY!
We will have an open meeting this evening at 6.30pm and all are welcome.
We now need donations of gas lamps, tilly lamps, car batteries, gas bottle heaterss etc, (oh yeah and solar panels and wind turbines would be great too!)"

The meeting will be followed by the usual Friday night acoustic caff! We hope that some of you can make it! It would also be great to get hold of someone to do a workshop for making coal burners out of gas bottles so that we can keep warm while and learn new skills. Please get in touch with support and ideas for ways to go from strength to strength with this wonderful place.

You can call the Radical Dairy on - 0207 249 6996 - or pop by 47 Kynaston Road, N16

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