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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 16:05:33 +0000
To: rts@gn.apc.org
From: allsorts@gn.apc.org
Subject: -ALLSORTS-mixed news 28th Feb

Hello from the Radical Dairy Social Centre!!

Well it's been nearly 6 weeks of occupation up in Stoke Newington and the centre has gone from strength to strength. Latest modifications to the dairy has been internet access, a re-designing of the cafe area [soon to open for breakfast on Saturdays!] and also film showings to start in two weeks time on Sundays. There has also been offers of having activists from Bolivia to talk about anti-privitisation struggles, something we're no doubt familar with here in Hackney.

A leaflet is being designed with a month long calender of events starting from March 4th. If you would like to hold an event at the Radical Dairy then drop us a line on 020 7249 6996 or email us at theradicaldairy@hotmail.com - alternatively come to our open meeting at 8.00pm on thursday at the Dairy.

Social Events this Friday and Saturday!!

The Radical Dairy is a non-for-profit project. We rely on your donations [and spare time] for everything we do.

Friday from 8pm - Hackney NOT 4 Sale caff and acoustic music night.

On Saturdays from 8.00pm onwards we will be having it large [!] with DJ's in the Basement, Food, and Drinks. We will ask for a donation at the door.

Thanks for your support!

The kids @the Dairy

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