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491 Squat Gallery & Activists are Terrorists

Date - Wed, 13 Feb 2002


Section 6 Creative Arts Act 1999

As Amended by Artistic Justice and Public, Access Act 2001 TAKE NOTICE THAT The Art ( Organisation has reclaimed this as its HQ THAT we intend to stay here.

THAT At all times there is at least one exhibition open in this building THAT Any attempt to enter whether by visual arts music or performance will he rewarded. You may receive an exhibition of up to six months, and/or a fine cup of tea.

THAT this building 491 Grove Green Road, E 11 is owned by Transport for London, that it has been empty for eight years in a derelict state and abused by people with serious drug problems. That The Art Organisation Ltd has undertaken to regenerate this building and the surrounding area as a valuable community resource.

THAT The Art Organisation guarantees a re-evolving programme of arts events, fir accordance with S. 12 Artistic Justice and Public Access Act 2001, to include weektime exhibitions, workshops and a continuing series of multimedia performances as allowed for in the Creative Arts Act 1999.

THAT the building and all projects on are funded on a donation basis, and by T A0 membership fees. That the culmination of work at Grove Green Road is a living, integrated sculpture.

The Meta Conceptual Gallery
491 Gallery Programme

TAO 491 Gallery - 491 Grove Grown Road - Leytonstone tube

an adventure in urban redevelopment & community empowerment

All of this week (& possibly longer as it's so popular) - exhibition and gathering to celebrate a decade of protest against road building "ANTI-ROAD protesters are holding an exhibition celebrating their demonstrations in a house previously owned by the Department of Transport ... during the protracted battle with protesters over the building of the M 11 link road." (Guardian, thursday, feb 7th 2002)

We are interested in alternative workshop proposals for the daytime and possibly morning boosters...

monday 11/02/02 - Learning to sing harmonics (Mongolian overtone singing) with Doug King-Smith (weekly through march)

every tuesday - 8pm till 10.30pm - the art of drawing unconventionally with Gregory Scott-Turner - materials provided

every wednesday - 8pm till 9.30pm - tai chi /chi gung with Hazel

every thursday - didgeridoo class and jam, beginners 8-9 and advanced classes 9-10pm... with Cyril Darracq

Fridays are open for new workshops

Events every sunday - 7 pm till lam

10/2/02 sunday chal @491 - Live Bands - Coyote Blues & Garder of Eden doors open @7pm /1st band 9.30pm day membership £5

17/2/02 Sounds of Peace - Special Greg's Birthday Party... a journey round poetry, dance, painting, photography & music

24/02/02 cafe chill out festival of flight in aid of anti-slavery international & at the Scala in london featuring gilles peterson dj vadim nitin lawhney, asian dub foundation invasion, michael ormiston, adbul malik 25/02/02

March Pre-programme

3/3/02 Exhibition on Falun Darfa - A call for Truth, Compassion, Tolerance
Evening Performance: Join us on a journey into the work of Sound Vibration

17/03/02 Health Awareness Day - Reveal your inner light with Catherine Baly, nutritionist/NI-P practionner

your donations keep us running, please respect the effort put in by the artist annual membership, including our two weeks festival is still £25

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