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3. Building Liberation

3rd Wednesday of every month, starting on 16th January, 7.30pm.

Venue: The Exchange, Sebbon St, Islington (behind Islington Town Hall)
nearest tube Highbury and Islington.

Nice vegan food provided.

This is a monthly forum for anyone involved or interested in being involved with social centres, squatting and squatting collectives. The main aim of a monthly meeting is not to form a new group but rather to build a network of squats and social centres in London - both permanent spaces that have been bought (e.g. LARC, Emmaz) and squatted spaces, to provide mutual aid, advice and skills sharing, a phone tree, regularly updated website listing all social centres, and eventually to be able to defend our spaces.

Another aim is to set up social centres that are used by the communities they are situated in, and to begin to build a social base.

Some of us are already planning to open a squatted social centre in NE London in the next couple of weeks. We need lots of help and equipment (everything from cooking equipment to leaflets for an infoshop) so please bring anything you've got spare, but most importantly energy and ideas and an electric cooker.


Love and Rage,

The W.O.M.B.L.E.S.

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