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Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 12:30:30 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] today - eclectic city OPEN (snip)
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Eclectic City 3 Community Centre is up and running Bewick House, nr train station and Forth pub - help and support needed - anyone who can go down, or take, water, food, bedding etc and stay there

This centre is open to support the global days of action against the world trade organisation 9-11 Nov 2001


tel - 07810 496941
please ring door bell in letter box


Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 09:41:16 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] 50th actlocally main part
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URL: http://www.tapp.cjb.net

Views From Eclectic City III

Members of TAPP and Revo successfully squatted the old Port of Tyne offices opposite Central Station from 6th to 11th November for use as a base for party and protest against the latest WTO stitch-up in Doha, Qatar.

In two days the lower floor of this massive, abandoned building was transformed ­ banners hung from windows, walls were covered with colourful posters and information on many of our campaigns, and the main room ­ like a banquetting hall - was filled with the buzz of people talking, with music, and dancing. There was a constant supply of fantastic homemade vegan food supplied by loads of different people… the weekend had begun.

While our nation's representatives in Doha pressed for the expansion of TRIPs, and linking so-called aid with the further opening up of Third World markets to foreign exploitation, we held protests of our own, and debated the alternatives. On a Whistle-Stop Tour of Capitalism, forty or so protesters with whistles, drums, and banners protested outside the likes of Nike, McDonalds, and Esso, chanting and handing out leaflets and talking to bemused but interested passers-by. Back at the squat, next day, there was a teach-in in which we learned and debated the nature of the WTO and the possibilities for future protest and revolution. And in the nights, of course, we partied.

There were negatives, and things we need to learn from for the future. For example, how to secure unused parts of the building, and get everyone to respect the property? How could we persuade more of the hundreds of people we had through the doors to be involved in the Whistle-Stop Tour and the teach-in? And further, while those meeting in Qatar were obviously troubled by events in Newcastle, we didn't quite cause the talks to collapse.

Nevertheless, the weekend was definitely a success. The demonstration and the teach-in about the WTO both took place and feedback was fairly positive; contacts were made; people with no previous involvement were picking up leaflets and joining in discussions; we all partied, just about everyone had a really great time, and I learnt to make a vegan cake!

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