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UK's OK KO'd  -  Manchester OKasional Cafe evicted

The Manchester OKasional Cafe was illegally evicted this week by builders and police who kicked in the shop front window to gain access before nicking all the occupants. The OKasional Cafe collective have been squatting empty buildings for the past four years and the current eviction is the most violent and heavy handed since the retaking of the Hacienda in 2000. All those arrested were charged with nicking electricity - despite the collective contacting the electricity company. This Saturday is expected to see Manchester's biggest peace demo against the war in Afghanistan, and the squat, handily sited opposite the peace gardens and cenotaph, had been acting as an info shop for anti-war views.


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Showdown at the Okasional Café

The ok café is back again oh no, there it goes! Manchester's Okasional squat café reopened on Monday 29th of October, only to be closed down by the police on Wednesday the 31st. The new café, in what was Dingley's the Florist off St Peter's Square, held an opening party and had a range of things lined up for the next week or so. However, on the first day after the opening, builders accompanied by policemen kicked their way into the back of the squat. One of the squatters was threatened with a crowbar and cut with a saw as barricades were thrown up, and despite a struggle half the squat was lost.

The following day the police were back, and without a warrant for entry or arrest proceeded to smash in the front windows, showering the occupants with glass. Plain-clothes policemen, who refused to identify themselves, ordered everyone onto the floor, then dragged all the squatters present through the broken glass into police-vans.

Meanwhile angry builders boarded up every entrance to the squat while all the sqatters belongings were still inside! All nine squatters present were arrested on suspicion of abstracting electricity, this was just an excuse for the police to get us out as they had no evidence and charges have since been dropped.

Plans are now being discussed for future cafes and squat parties. Watch this space for details... We will be back!

Squatters get their stuff back!

After their release from the cells nine of the OK cafe squatters realised their belongings were still locked in the building. Other squatters who were not in the building when the police illegally evicted the squat tried in vain to get everyones things out as the builders boarded the place up.

Quite miffed that their stuff was locked up eleven squatters decided to take action to get everthing back immediately, so paid a visit to property managers EP2's Manchester offices, refusing to leave until they agreed to let people in to get their stuff straight away. An annoying little man told the squatters they'd have to wait, possibly until the following week, until he realised that they really weren't going to leave unless he gave in - its nice to see direct action having an immediate effect!

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