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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:46:03 -0400
To: weed@wussu.com
From: shimi@videotron.ca
Subject: squatting

dear sir, madam,

i would be fucking ecstatic to inform you (if you haven't heard about yet anyway) of a "legally in limbo" (right now, it's legal, cuz the municipal gov't doesn't know what to do with us, and they offered us the building) of a squat going on (in its 4th week now i think) right now, in montreal, "canada". you may have heard of the overdale squat action that took place a little while back (a few weeks - um, 3-4. everything is a blur, cuz we're gettiing organised and partying and planning etc.)? well, it's still going, in a new building that used to be a drug rehab centre, and a convent, and a juvie (juvenile) "jail" (it is, but officially called a youth centre). well, this large building is a result of this action.

in solidarity, love, and rage,

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