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Subject: [act-locally] New squat in Newcastle - Eclectic City II
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Tyneside Squatters are at it again! This time in a brilliant social club in Newcastle city centre which is due to be turned into a lap-dancing bar. Women have opened up the squat today, at the same time as a hearing a magistrates in Newcastle regarding a licence for the proposed sexist bar. The results of the hearing aren't known yet, but the club will inevitably be delayed by the squatting.

Eclectic City II is in the former Manors Social Club, Carliol Square, Newcastle NE1 6UQ. It's behind the job centre in central Newcastle, and near the police station.

So, WE have a wonderful social centre for the immediate future. So please come along to express your support for the squat and protest at the plans for another way of comodifying women's bodies. It's a really great building, so there is various events planned, but come along anyway during the day - something will be going on.

SQUAT HOT LINE: 07833 646228

Programme of Events (all start are from 7pm)

Tue 24 April
Mushy Pea's Cafe and various DJ's

Wed 25 April
Film and food night

Thur 26 April
Open night - bright your ideas and muxical instruments

Fri 27 April
Eclectic Cabaret - bring your music, jokes, poems, acrobatics, etc.

Sat 28 April
May Day benefit night (to follow on from the Tyneside May Day march)

Sun 29 April
DJ's, Quiz and food. From 7pm.

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