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Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 20:17:13 +0100
Subject: [Schnews-txt] SchNEWS 815, 18th May 2012

Rossport Solidarity Gathering - June 2012

The seventh annual Rossport Solidarity Camp gathering is taking place in Erris, Co.Mayo, Ireland from the 1st to the 4th of June. You are invited to take part in workshops/discussions, skillshares, music and fun! There will be a chance to meet folk from other campaigns, like the anti-fracking lot, loads of workshops and talks, as well as a chance to find out about the continuing fight against Shell in Rossport, where Shell want to build an experimental gas pipeline through a community's land which the people there have been fighting for over 10 years now.

Come for the workshops, stay for the fun. There will be a couple of bands and DJs, and hopefully a session around the fire one night, so bring your instruments. Workshops will run Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday. If you can't make it up to Mayo yourself but you would like to help out, please help us publicise the event by printing up posters and fliers and posting them up wherever you can -

Shell to Sea

info from SchNEWS

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