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From: Jo Makepeace (
Subject: SchNEWS 669, Friday 20th March 2009
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:39:36 +0000 (GMT)

Shell Office occupied in Rossport

Activists in Rossport, Ireland, occupied their local Shell office last Monday in protest against Maura Harrington's continuing incarceration (see SchNEWS 668). Seven members of the Rossport Solidarity camp gave Shell staff some verbals for over an hour in support for Maura, to make sure they were aware of local peoples' continued determination to stop Shell tearing up unspoilt coastline to build their gas facility. Shell have colluded with the Irish state to use any heavy-handed means necessary to intimidate or arrest any opposition to the scheme.

Talking of which, this week prominent anti-Shell fisherman Pat O'Donnell (see SchNEWS 646) mysteriously had the windows of his boat smashed by assailants unknown. Funnily enough, his was the only boat out of 20 moored to fall prey to the 'vandals'.

The Solidarity Camp, now into it's forth year, is gearing up for another summer of action - as you can be sure of Shell's intentions to resume pipe-laying work so dramatically blocked by protesters last year (See SchNEWS 634).

So if you're bored of Butlins or Centre Parks spring breaks (dependin' on yer class!), why not take a week or two's break this April or May in beautiful western Ireland, at a holiday camp with oomph. There's plenty of group activities on offer and plenty of entertainments from the resident Guardia 'bluecoats'...

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