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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:59:41 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally - March 2005

Old Eldon Square, Newcastle - opposition to council plans


Council planners and Shopping centre chiefs at Eldon Square may have bitten off more than they can chew with plans to criss-cross the Hippy Green, at Old Eldon Square, with paths, just so shoppers get easy access to the soon to be redeveloped shops.

From deep underground, rumours seep out of Goths gathering, of spells being cast, plans being laid, banners designed with strange writings... 80 young people attended the most recent meeting to find out about the development plans and plot resistance to them. It was a great and inspiring meeting, amazing to hear their passion for the only green area in the city centre, the only free space that's left, and their anger too at the senseless plans to desecrate the green.

The meeting started with a short video clip of our great friend June Wolf the life long campaigner for all things green who died at the end of last year aged 78. In this her last ever interview, June spoke of what the Green meant to her, of past attempts by planners and developers to despoil it and of how she hoped that this new generation would rise to the challenge again, of how she was sure that they would. Weird. Wonderful.

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