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From: "Loombreaker" (
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:14:26 +0100
Subject: The Manchester eLoombreaker no.18, April 2001

Fylingdales demo 16th April 2001

The Return of the Jedi

On April 16th (Easter Monday) there will be a demo at Fylingdales early warning tracking station in North Yorkshire. The American military want to use and upgrade Fylingdales as part of their proposed National Missile Defence (NMD) system and the British Government has agreed to this. NMD is bad enough. The existing stockpile of nuclear weapons poses overwhelming problems already, and the cost of arms profileration in all senses will be borne by the poorest, not the rich. But NMD is only one part of a weapons system that the Pentagon wishes to introduce that also includes Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) and which would allow the US military to surround and attack anyone with forward deployed missile systems co-ordinated with satellite surveillance and space based laser weapons, effortlesly targetting military bases, missiles etc. in other countries. The trillion dollar cost of TMD takes some justification that goes well beyond defence against tiny 'rogue nations'. But if China, for instance, was an official enemy, then the need for TMD would be clear to all. This is in fact the main reason why the Bush administration - who are all for TMD - is trying to get so fired up about the remaining 'red peril'.

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