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Subject: [swarmlist] Blair roads demo - brief report and thanks

London anti-roads demo report 6th March 2001

to coincide with a Tony Blair speech on the environment at a WWF conference called "Rio+10: Words are not enough"


Thanks to everyone who got up at the crack of dawn to come along on Tuesday. You really made it happen. For those who couldn't make it: we held up the "before and after" photo placards and chanted "No more Twyford Downs, no more Newburys" as Blair arrived to speak. We also handed Michael Meacher two photo albums containing the before and after photos - one called "Down Memory Lane" with the Twyford and Newbury pictures; the other called "In Trust for Tomorrow?" (the title of Labour's pre-election environment policy document) with the Hastings and Salisbury pictures. He promised to hand them over to Tony Blair.

There was lots of media interest: PA and BBC online covered it thoroughly. Salisbury and Hastings campaigners featured on regional TV news bulletins at lunchtime and in the evening; local radio in the south and London used interviews; Channel 4 News twice featured a clip of our demo as Blair arrived to lead in to their piece on his environment speech; and best of all BBC News at 10 did a piece with their political correspondent John Pinaar, featuring the demo then on-site interviews with Hastings campaigners on the route of the bypasses. Thanks again to all involved.

Best wishes Emma -

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