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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 14:43:14 -0000
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Manchester Airport demo report 5th Feb 2001

Ticket to Ride

Monday the 5th of Febuary saw the opening of Manchester Airport's highly controversial second runway. Not wanting to miss out on this mind shattering event we decided to go along and make sure the party went with a swing. On arriving we joined the screaming hordes of plane spotters. All settled in for an exciting day and with their assortment of surveillance devices they seemed better equipped than our good old boys in blue.

Terminal 3 where the first flight on runway 2 was leaving from was looking a bit drab so out came the highly colourful "You Can't Runaway From Climate Chaos" banner. Then another group locked on with armtubes across one of the entrances to terminal 3 departrures. People will do anything these days to get their picture in the papers. They stayed blocking the entrance during which time the police came along and a game of musical armtubes followed with lots of other protesters joining in the fun. This went on for quite a while causing the police to close off nearly all the entrances to T3, what a shame. Eventually the people in the armtubes were hemmed in by fencing but people continued to try and get into the departure area.

One person was arrested in this process because the police assualted him - don't you feel proud to be British. After an hour our so every one was removed from in front of the entrance. While this had been going on another banner drop had taken place in T1.

There were numerous sightings of a homeless badger in the terminals. A long running game of cat and mouse went on between people giving out leaflets and the assorted forces of darkness.

Another 2 people were arrested for trying to hang a banner at the entrance to the airport but were later released without charge. The fun and games continued till everyone needed their afternoon caffeine fix. After all that the inaugural R2 flight was delayed, due to a passenger having a heart attack on the plane before it reached Manchester. It just goes to show you the perils of flying. Don't forget coming soon is runway 3.

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