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Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 20:02:06 +0000
Subject: Pork-Bolter, February 2001

SCAR attacks Hastings Bypass plan

SUSSEX could be the focus of the next big anti-roads protest, reviving the battling 1990s spirit of Twyford Down and Newbury. Campaign group South Coast Against Roadbuilding and local direct action group The Battle for Hastings have joined forces to attack the decision by the Regional Planning Committee of the South East England Regional Assembly to support building the Hastings bypass.

Astonished by the committee’s decision, SCAR said: "Clearly members of the committee think they know better than their professional officers, indeed even better than the specialists consultants appointed by the Government. By adopting this myopic stance the committee risk hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on a scheme which will be of dubious benefit to Hastings and may in fact export jobs out of the area".

It added: "Hastings is crying out for a 21st century rail link to Ashford and Europe more than a bypass to nowhere. Planning to spend vast millions on a discredited road scheme is wanton and the regional planning committee should resign en masse".

SCAR was formed in 1994 as an umbrella group for local groups fighting the threat of a Folkestone-Honiton superhighway.

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