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Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 19:29:50 -0000
Subject: Loombreaker 15

Lock-in at the DETR

Over 100 new roads and bypasses have been proposed as Labour shows that environmental destruction is just its cup of tea. In response, activists including some from Manchester, mobilised to show that a new road programme equals a new roads protest. On the 1st Dec the first door on my advent calendar was opened showing ≠ a festive pile of arm-tubes and D-locks! These blasts from the past were accompanied by newer methods. Besuited protesters stormed into the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions in London, causing organisational chaos before occupying the offices of Michael Meacher (Environment) and Lord McDonald (Transport).

Meanwhile their car park was blocked by a group linked with arm tubes; and a D-locked security door. Prescott would have had a hard time parking either of his two jags that day. No one elected our Minister of Transport - by appointing them to the Lords, Blair can put anyone into government. Meacherís office had a big fridge full of wines and champagne......

In a conscious attempt to avoid returning to the bad old days the DETR has couched the road programme in the language of ecological and social responsibility; the pink and green-wash emphasising 'benefits' for local communities and environments. Well, veterans and novice road protestors proved that the government won't be able to avoid more costly battles for the trees.

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