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From: "Loombreaker" (
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 16:13:27 -0000
Subject: Loombreaker 14

Nine Ladies Anti-Quarry Campaign 1st Anniversary bash

An intrepid Manchester activist visited the anti-quarry protest site.....

"Two hours out of Manchester and a 2 mile trek up on a steep hill is the beautiful Nine Ladies stone circle and its woods and pastures. Abandoning my self reliance, I stuck my thumb out, and a police landrover stopped. After some harassment I was allowed to join the 60-odd smiley dirty faces round a huge fire in a barn covered by tarpaulin.

The morning after I saw the toilets, treehouses, kitchens and ropes that the 15 or so current residents had used to host us safely. I spoke to a veteran; although concerned with public safety and his privacy he was welcoming ramblers to look around and sign a petition.

Later on Sunday as we were out picking mushrooms, I heard a trumpeter. A small group had occupied the working quarry next door. Now a helicopter was flying and cops in two riot vans had managed to nick somone for sitting on a stone wall (it collapsed). We celebrated with mushroom soup and fine juggling.

The next day a jail solidarity posse gathered in a small Derbyshire town as I made my way back to the City with a soaked sleeping bag and fond memories."

Info on Nine Ladies protest camp from their website on

In a recent email Jon Humble, Inspector of Ancient Monuments for English Heritage, wrote "In July an encouraging meeting was held with the landowners, the mineral companies, Peak Park planners and ourselves... we hope that it may well be possible to identify a solution based on the companies relinquishing their commercial interests in Stanton Moor. The companies will expect, however, to obtain planning permission for stone extraction elsewhere as a trade-off... if this does prove possible it would be on condition that "elsewhere" is a less environmentally sensitive area"!

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