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From: "Heather"
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 23:06:17 -0700
Subject: nine ladies

Police prevent non-existent rave at Nine Ladies

Last weekend saw a bit of a misunderstanding around the site. Derbyshire Constabulary had some sort of mad idea in their heads that there was going to be some sort of a rave on Site to celebrate the aequinox. This was not, in fact, the case; nonetheless, a heavy-handed police operation took place anyway.

There were no arrests but as police searched wider and wider looking for the revellers who obviously weren't going to show up, they came across a lorry taking a sound system somewhere else. This was diverted away from the site; we don't know whether or not it was returned (we hope so).

There was a report about this on Radio Derby; we were hoping to obtain an audio clip but they can't provide it. We did get to hear a transcript and it sounded rather negative. There was also an article in Saturday's Telegraph (that's the Derby Evening Telegraph, for our more cosmopolitan audience) which we'll pin up on the web site.

The Old Bill are no doubt crowing over their "success" - well perhaps they can explain that to everyone in Derbyshire who fell victim to -real- crime (burglaries, car theft, muggings, various kinds of harrassment) while the forces of Law and Order were out in the middle of nowhere protecting a minority from something that wasn't even happening.

Anyway, just so everyone knows, there will NOT be a sound system on site over the weekend of 7th-8th October. Our advice is if you want music, bring a discman and a pair of headphones. Same goes for Samhain.

Also, the date of "30 September" for the final hearing has been changed again, with no decision expected now until November.

The site mobile number is now 0777 952 8871

(This is on Vodafone and accepts text messages, which you can now send for free using the Internet.)

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