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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:44:41 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] RECLAIM THE STREETS Newcastle, 22 Sept

To celebrate European Car Free Day people are taking to the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne to dance, meet friends, dig, and celebrate what cities could be like. Added reason to come along is that Newcastle City Council (and every other council in North East England) are NOT organising anything (apart from the destruction of thousands of homes) for the day.

Spread the word: Haymarket, Newcastle, 3pm, Friday 22 September

See you there?


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:28:17 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] european car free day events

Cyclists urge City Council to drop car culture for day!

This Friday is European Car Free Day, a day in which many cities throughout Europe will be celebrating life in cities without cars. However, Newcastle City Council has decided not to join in and Cllr Kevan Jones branded a proposal to close Percy Street to cars and give it back to the people for a day as a 'cheap gimmick'.

Events over the last week in Britain have shown the extent to which our lives are dependent upon cars, which are responsible for environmental decay, declining health, unnecessary deaths and overly congested cities. There are many alternatives to increased car dependency including using the region's excellent public transport system or its growing cycling infrastructure.

In light of our crippling dependency on cars, we believe Newcastle City Council should be doing much more to promote transport alternatives. As a result, we have written to Cllr Kevan Jones offering him a bike which he can use to cycle to work this Friday to celebrate car free day with us. We will be outside his house at 11 Tojan Avenue, Walkergate at 8am on Friday 22nd September to see if he would like to take up our offer of cycling to work and leaving his car at home.

Please join us!

A large groups of cyclists will cycle from there to the Civic Centre where more events are planned to urge the City Council to make Newcastle less car dependent.

A large banner will also be unfurled on the pedestrian bridge over the inner motorway in Shieldfield (near the University of Northumbria) at 8am on Friday to highlight the high levels of car dependency to the rush hour traffic.

other events are planned all day - Join the car free fun.....

For more information contact Paul - 272 4635 (after 6pm)

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