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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 17:49:03 +0100
Subject: Loombreaker 13

Ploughshares Blockade Opens Disarmament Fortnight

69 Arrested At Clyde Nuke Base

Two peace activists from Manchester were among 69 peace activists held in police custody after a 2-hour blockade of Faslane naval base on 1st August, marking the beginning of an intensive two weeks disarmament action at the Trident bases on the Clyde.

Others arrested included activists from Finland, Germany and The Netherlands; Ulla Roder and Angie Zelter of the "Trident Three"; Ray Davis, a local councillor from Wales and Japanese monks and nuns from Milton Keynes.

A Trident Ploughshares spokesperson said: "Again we have been encouraged to see so many people willing to confront this crime against humanity in such a peaceful but determined way. We feel that there is a significant shift away from complacency about Trident. There is more unease about it in official circles and more ordinary people are realising that they can do something about it. We are looking forward to continuing the good work over the next 14 days."

Campsite (24 hours till 14th August) - 01436 850522
Trident Ploughshares:
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