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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:55:40 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally 34 (June 2000) at last
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Newcastle-upon-Tyne Critical Mass report

For the second of the monthly cycling critical masses in Newcastle, around a dozen cyclists met on 4th May outside St. Thomas Church, Haymarket. They cycled around some of the city's busiest, and most dangerous streets, slowing much of the traffic to a crawl as we filled the road. Flying colourful flags and cycling symbols they sought to brighten up the streets of Newcastle and increase the visibility of cyclists in town. The police escort was less than amused and requested that the cyclists travelled in single file, but the police got stuck in traffic(!) and the critical mass cycled on. Cyclists continually have their health and safety put at risk by dangerous driving, vehicle fumes, bad road planning and cycle lanes ending abruptly at difficult junctions. The purpose of the action was to increase the physical presence and safety of cyclists by travelling as a group, urging car drivers to drive with caution and to encourage the council to continue with its cycling strategy, improving conditions for cyclists.

The next critical mass is Thursday 1st June, then Thursday 6th July, and on the first Thursday of each month thereafter. Please come along and bring anything that will cheer up the streets of Newcastle (flags, whistles etc etc). Meet outside St Thomas Church, Haymarket, Newcastle, at 5.15pm.

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