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Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 08:57:05 +0100 (BST)
From: Jo Makepeace (
Subject: SchNEWS 258, Friday 5th May 2000


Mayday celebrations went with a swing in Manchester, where revellers brought partying, protesting and picketing to the town. A lively Reclaim The Streets carnival swept through the streets armed with sticks of revolutionary rock proclaiming 'resistance is sweet'. As they went, they encountered many old friends, McDonald's, Amec Construction, Shell, Employment Agencies - they were all there to share the fun! From there, the partygoers formed into groups for the special 'Challenge Anarchy' treasure hunt, hosted by the one and only Anarchy Rice, and finally made their way onto a splendid free party at a squatted building - completely undetected by police! As SchNEWS went to press, the building, the Hacienda, still remains squatted and is being put to extremely good use with parties having been held since Mayday. Manchester Earth First 0161 226 6814 -

Sheffield held their MayDay celebrations on Saturday 29th April. There were actions against GM foods, NatWest and Stagecoch, and a critical mass, Maypole dances and a chill out party on Devonshire Green.

Finland Over 500 people marched 'for humanity, against capitalism' through Helsinki city centre, stopping at a market place, where leftwing parties and unions bored their listeners. Later the demo reached the poshest hotel and restaurant in Helsinki, only two blocks away from the President's castle. The street was blocked and the Street party started with 2000 people partying outside. The Hotel tried to get the police to intervene, but they didn't bother and the party went on till 8pm.

Turkey, 10,000 people march to Sýhhýye Square, Ankara.

Korea 15,000 trade unionists and farmers in South Korea held may day rallies to protest about wages and the takeover of local companies by foreign multinationals. A general strike is planned for June unless the government drops plans to sell off corporate assets, and continue with privatisation. Students also fought with riot cops after they occupied a roundabout, and there were 2 people seriously injured.

Berlin The capital of Germany saw its usual mayday mayhem when over 10,000 people fought cops in the Kreuzberg district who were protecting a rally by neo-nazis. The riot lasted about 15 hours, 226 police were injured, and 401 demonstrators nicked. The head of Berlin Police said with tears in his eyes, 'Police officers are also people and they also have empotions, fears and feelings of pain and perhaps some overreacted' Try telling that to friends and relatives of the Swiss anarchist who was reported killed during the riots.

There were actions and demonstrations around the world.
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