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From: "Pete Delaney" (
Subject: Fw: Jerry Works
Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 22:58:26 +0100

construction work begins at Irlam (Salford)

[extracts from email sent by Pete Delaney]

A few weeks ago work began on the Jerry Works, the trees and other vegetation were removed. The site is now slowly being demolished, bulldozers are removing the soil on a daily basis (see pic of bulldozer). It's a sad time...

Whether the houses should be built or not, I feel that the Salford Planning Committee (only one member being from this area) should have reduced the number of houses to a more reasonable number, instead of allowing Peel Holdings to cram as many as possible onto the site.

I don't know what TORaAG are doing at the moment (if anything), we've not had any meetings since October 98, if I remember correctly, when the Chairman decided that there would be no further meetings, as there was nothing further to be done. Unfortunately they didn't register the footpaths on the Jerry Works, which may have helped slow things down. As far as I can make out, the path that runs along the river will be kept, but at the moment access to this is somewhat restricted.

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